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Michael P. Shelton


Las Cruces, NM, US

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Release My Past


Michael P. Shelton

Oh, dear lord am I in trouble,
for I have fallen once again
into the vastness of loves bouble
where past memories are filled with pain

I hope this time I will be lucky
and find a love to last.
To fill my life with joyous loving
and help me to release my past.

I fear my past will reoccur
and I will hurt once more.
Then love will not again occur
and I could dream no more.

But should this the love to last
and we shall be joyous and happy.
Then I could forget my past
and live my life at last.



Michael P. Shelton

If Dr. Sues was on the loose
He could not write a poem.
To match the beauty and finess
you posess inside your soul.

You Never Know


Michael P. Shelton

People come and people go,
but no one ever wants to know
the bad things that never go.

Maybe one day we'll make piece stand,
no prejudice or war.
Then all people stand will hand in hand
and worries are no more.

That time will come with one big bang
of sme governments nuclear head.
Then all people will lay side by side
together we'll all be dead!

The Human Race


Michael P. Shelton

When all people are color blind
and all people speak one language.
the only race there will be to find
is the human race that will always bind
the fabrics of our daily life
to the world the we live in.
Then peace shall come to all who care
and we'll live a life that is really rare.

Journey to Paradise


Michael P. Shelton

The journey to paradise
is a long and winding road.
With turning points that some would prize,
and some would just let go.

There are many paths to this road
and many paths from it.
And many people wish to go,
but very few have done it.

There once was a man who lost this road
and wanted badly to get back.
So, he made a deal and sold his soul
for a fortune put in his pack.

This man was old,
but made his journey well.
He lived one day in paradise
and then went strait to hell.

The journey to paradise
is a long and winding road.
With turning points that some would prize,
and some would just let go.

Another man found his way,
but did not understand.
It was not filled with fortune
or women as he had planned.

He had a wife
and two successfull kids.
He was not rich but what the hell
he was a happy man!

The journey to paradise
is a long and winding road.
With turning points that some would prize
and some would just let go.

I could go on for ever
telling stories such as these.
And I may never
tell the life that you may lead.

But let me tell you this
it will fit you to a tee
Life is full of risks, some you must take,
and some you must leave.



Michael P. Shelton

People are strange, they don't think of their race.
They keep killing each other without any haste.
Their future looks grim, Oh what a waste.

People should keep their child like thoughts
cause children don't have all those enemy plots.
Their innocence blocks all those enemy plots
from entering their wonderful thoughts.