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Bernard Shaw


Graz, Austria

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Bernard Shaw

All is still in Bethlehem,
The night is raw indeed.
No room in the Inn for them,
A poor family really in need.
A stable for a maternity ward,
With beasts of burden looking on.
Then came the birth a real reward,
The Son of God was born.
A lowly birth in those far off days,
Jesus was laid in a manger.
Three wise men came to praise,
Making sure there was no danger.
We celebrate this birth every year,
With feasting, singing and praise.
Many shed a joyful tear,
Wine glasses in good cheer we raise.
Children are given games and toys,
To mark this day of birth,
The atmosphere is full of joys,
For that baby that came to Earth.

Steady Comrades Steady.


Bernard Shaw

A rucksack on my back,
With automatic rifle at the ready.
Waiting for the next attack,
Steady Comrades, steady.
Bayonets are fixed,
Hand grenades placed ready.
Our feelings are mixed,
Steady Comrades, steady.
Flares light up the night sky,
All hell breaks loose we are ready,
We know that many will die,
Steady Comrades, steady.
Should I be one of the first to fall?
Let all know that I was ready.
Hear once again my call,
Steady Comrades, steady.

Bath Time.


Bernard Shaw

I took my yearly bath to-day,

Lots of dirt got soaked away.

Why I bother, I sure don't know,

But I bathed myself from head to toe.

I used a bar of scented soap,

To smell a bit sweeter, What a hope.

When I tried to wash my hair,

My brush and comb stood up to stare.

My nails are in a terrible state,

Shall I cut them, shall I wait.

And what about my dirty ears,

I haven't washed them in thirty years.

My teeth like stars come out at night,

If I clean them, They'll get a fright.

The talcum powder on the shelf,

Said touch me not, I'll kill myself.

You know you really shouldn't laugh,

Its very courageous to take a bath.

And the feeling I've got is akin to fear,

For I'll have to bath again next year.



Bernard Shaw

The bells are peeling I hear them clear,
All around is deepest snow.
The howl of the wolves is very near,
The sleigh moves but very slow.
I crack my whip the horses neigh,
Fear underlies the winter night.
Heavy is the horse drawn sleigh,
Feel the horses their nearing plight.
Thundering hooves on the clear trail.
Not a building to be seen.
We have come so far will we fail.
As all takes on a wondrous sheen.
Lights ahead a village nears,
Men shout aloud in the cold of the night,
Waiting hands carrying spears,
We are saved from the wolves' hungry bite.
Helping each other we stable the steeds,
Rub them down give them to eat and to drink.
Bolstering each other with tales of our deeds,
As half in slumber we gratefully sink.
Food and wine we sumptuously dine,
The villagers do us well,
Now understanding is mine,
As I hear the fresh peeling of a bell.
The sleigh was laden with Christmas toys,
Enough for all of the girls and boys.
This Christmas I know will be well.
As I hear the peeling of the bell.