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Are you really here?



Are you really here?
Those ripples on your skin,
Am I really the moon that pulls at those waves,
reflection of that ocean of your mind.

Do you belong to my world,
to the nightmare of the promises of my friends
Are you really here?
Are you really the offspring of love,
that mystical phoenix,
migrating every so often...

Fleeting images, blown leaves, torn pages
those clouds of your uncle Zeus
who has banished me to the crevassses of the underworld

My word has ended at the beginning,
No revelation for me
Noah's ark has left
Stranded, shipwrecked...afloat am I
and YOU are not here.

Você está realmente aqui?



DreamMachineThis poem was translated by Carlos Wood
The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web

Você está realmente aqui?
Essas ondulações em sua pele,
Sou eu a lua que realmente quem puxa essas ondas,
as reflexão daquele oceano em sua mente.
Você pertence ao meu mundo,
ao pesadelo das promessas de meus amigos
Você está realmente aqui?
Você é realmente a descendência do amor,
aquela fênix mística,
migrando de vez em quando...

Imagens passageiras, folhas sopradas, páginas rasgadas,
essas nuvens de seu tio Zeus
que me baniu às fendas deste inferno

Minha palavra terminou no princípio,
Nenhuma revelação para mim
A arca de Noé partiu
Encalhado, náufrago... flutuante estou
e VOCÊ não está aqui.

The Rat Race



Little ants following a path given by the one before, before, before.
Have to hurry up, I'm late.
Always late.
Never on time.
Hurry up and wait and Listen.

The air is still and the earth is quiet
Wait and listen
Quiet, quiet, everything quiet
She speaks
Birds song,
Waters falling,
Foots stepping,
Hearts beating,

Breathing, Breathing, Breathing
Little ants following the path given by the one before, before, before
Noise, all I hear is noise.
Children screaming.
Killing me softly, slowly, slowly, slowly.
I'm trying to listen to mother
Dinners out.
Business lunches.
Idle laughter.
Utilitarian conversations.
How's the news?
The weather is great.
How much more can I take!
The rat race is junk food for the soul.

She's calling my name.
Can you hear her heart beat?
Drum beat, beat, beat.
Birds song,
Waters falling,
Foots stepping
Hearts beating, beating, beating.

Life giving,
Shall not be quiet.
Shall not be quiet.