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Soraya Seranade


Somerset West, South Africa

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Soraya Seranade

My hope is gone and so is my faith,
they left our place without any trace,
they took my possessions so easily,
never thought of what they meant to me.

They got me trembling all day long,
and made me put my fears in a song,
they tackled my nerves and made me cry,
and now i'm anxious, nervous and shy.

It feels like i could never laugh again,
i cannot trust anyone, women nor men,
my fears are still fresh from yesterday night,
and normal life is far out of sight.

I know that justice can never be done,
'cause with my things my faith has gone,
and even if they'd find these guilty men,
my heart will remain forever in pain.

Love is never too late


Soraya Seranade

Before you, i hid in eternity
before you were, no-one knew me
before i knew, our love was meant to be
before i loved you, you noticed me

And now that i love you too
we're completely merged into one
I'm feeling you, you're feeling me
you fill the hole that was filled to be

After i gave up on love, you were kissing me
after i hated myself, you showed me beautifully

That love is never too late,
that our meeting was fate.
Today i live so much more
than i've ever lived before.

Childish Comfort


Soraya Seranade

I want to wake up from my sweetest day dream
which is the worst nightmare, for it shows not the truth

I tried to escape the cruel reality
dreaming is easy and so is suffering

The question is,
do you want to keep on dreaming what is a lie
or rather wake up and painfully die?

I'm in my warm nest that does oh so cruel surround me still
it hurts me though i can't let go, i don't have the will

But when and how will I be able to break through
and let go off this childish comfort
which was all i ever knew?

I need to stop making my dreams
but let the pain
reach my thinnest membrane
only then I'll be free

Dark Desperation


Soraya Seranade

If you're wandering the small path of life
seeing no sun and having no drive
talking to you, no-one would dare
worrying 'bout you, no-one would care

When you think that you are lost
at the bottom of darkest fear
looking up at emensily cost
seeing shadows that won't disappear

I thought i could never reach the top
drowning in a little water drop
i often rose but always fell
captured in a narrow shell

I never knew i had to wait
light follows after shade
love follows after hate
and i've been lifted up by fate