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Michael Selsky


Rosthern, SK, CA

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Michael Selsky

Hear, have a sip of my cola.
Don't mind if I do.
Might make me feel better.
Might make me feel like
packing it in,
like running away
tail between my shanks.
I don't suppose you'll
let me keep the can.

Chorus:Hey man,
I don't think this song is over.
This fire keeps on licking me
even as I'm rolling over.
Hey man,
I don't think it's over here at all.

I will scream my name out loud
until it becomes so meaningless.
Oh, I will hold out,
pretend that I'm not needing this.
I'll let you pull me form that water.
I'll let you hold me to my nature.
I'll let you keep me on this chair
and while you're at it,
could you tell me who's out there?
Who's out where?
Who's out there...
Thanks man. Don't think that I don't owe you.


I know we've got
a whole thing that's gonig on here
but I'd kinda like to say forget it.
You know, pack it all in,
save it for another year.
You know.
Save it for another year.
Oh, you know.


Here, have a sip of my cola.
Don't mind if I do.