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Cedric Scott Jr.


Pittsburgh, PA, US

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Now We Lynch Ourselves


Cedric Scott Jr.

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...catch a brotha by the toe

if he hollers, don't let him go, just string him up, and keep us low

cut off all air supply and watch him struggle as he dangles

step back or to the side to experience a different angle

castrate the "nigger," grab a torch and burn him alive

his life means nothing to you, so why should he survive?

make an example of him, so those other "niggers" wouldn't dare buck

replace love with imminent hatred and fear, so they will never test their luck

now that you've bid him good riddance, why stop there?

why not wipe out his entire family, noone is to be spared

rape his wife, maim his children, make them all suffer

each incidence more horrid and diabolical, just to prove who is tougher

after all, he disrespected you right? and we can't allow this to commence

what will the others think if you do? So, you must be relentless

cause absolute terror amongst the masses, give my brothers a shorter time to live

this is a lesson in lynching 101, exactly what black on black crime is

it used to be caucasians in white hoods, now its african americans in black hoodies

some sort of sick Klan inverse, another black slain and hang, only now our feet bear the trees

no love or respect for each other or our ancestors, the important things remain too far past due

instead we torture, terrorize, and terminate our own, so others no longer have to

we die at our very own hands, the arsons in our very own hell

catch a nigga, kill a we lynch ourselves

World of Wonders


Cedric Scott Jr.

In the midst of our existence
we often find ourselves playing witness
to the truth beneath the lies that our life is equipped with
try to rationalize irrational thoughts and motions
old wounds slowly heal while new ones quickly open
we do not stop to think how the beauty of it all comes about
our struggle, passion, and pain consume us in a red sea of doubt
insecurities and inhibitions absorb the very cores of our beings
and, with that, what seemed to be progression ceases proceeding
that when our day turns to night we can start over again possibly
but who's to say that this expedition does not halt us in our tracks
they say the world consists of 2 types of people, haves and have nots
so we don't cherish what we have, just dwell on what we lack

the fact that we get the right change back seems a little miniscule if you were aware that tomorrow you would be faced with a heart attack
Doesn't it?
Doesn't it all seem so obscene instead of pride and productivity we dream about the finer things?
when we're already fine, but just happen to disagree
when the light shines through our morning window
and we shun its grace away with an abrupt pillow
when the flowers dance with us in the wind
but we shuffle past without acknowledgement of them
when all of the virtuous wonders of the world
ascend upon you for no better reason than it is Tuesday
well I say
we meet that light with bright eyes and those flowers with rhythmic feet
and as for the other wonders of the world we shall learn to love them as we meet

Man vs The World


Cedric Scott Jr.

Eyes wide shut
Exempt and numb to it all
Carrying my hollowed being into the dawn of yesteryear
Spectators view him closely, shocked and appalled

The wind settles
And there he stands
A gladiator amongst the masses
He could, He will, He can

Marching into the valley of the elect
Evading any entity tainted by the trod prints of those of a prior age
Hauling no more than his very own flesh, blood, and bone
Heart, mind, and soul in hand, the master of this storybook page

Vultures hover about the land
Peering down at he, the living, whom they despise
Glancing back, he greets them as brethren
As he stares to the sky, and closes his eyes

Welcome to My Life


Cedric Scott Jr.

Everyday I wake up in hell, plagued by evil, taunted by pain
I've reached the brink of this disdain consciousness, drowning in the rain
For whatever reason I point the finger at myself, feel I am to blame
In these my darkest hours, I repeatedly die in these depths, too hurt to go insane
With this I give to you, on a viral infested platter, my rotting morals, ethics and inhibitions
I'm stuck in this harsh, hollow asylum of hell, alone as I suffer in this prison...