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Fabian Schurgers


Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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My Beloved


Fabian Schurgers

My soul is lost in mist of love,
My being spread throughout its fog,
Yet I cling to life, to mortal worlds,
For thy presence means reunion.

To meet thy gaze does tear me whole,
My being drowned with ghostly tears,
For still thine eyes do walk my soul,
without a special thought.

My shield of night was quickly torn,
By glow of thee emitted,
When night did vanish though,
Its place was left untaken,
Followed bare by emptyness unending.

My love unheard resounded,
Yet echoes mock my feelings,
How I curse ye fate that made me walk
the path of life,
Where steps of thee resounded.

Thou art a blessing to behold,
But curse awaits by glory veiled,
For love and life do change at once,
Thee shall never be surpassed.

Hail to thee O'dancer of my dreams,
That dreams may weave forgotten lands,
Where we can finally, be one.