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Alexander Scammell


Surrey, England, UK

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Do not take them away


Alexander Scammell

I put on my 3-D glasses
And I can touch you
And feel you.

I take them off
And you are still there
But untouchable,
Unless the glasses touch me.

If I put them away
You are put away.

3 Years


Alexander Scammell

I went to University
In 2006

I left
In 2009



Alexander Scammell

He envelopes me
Yet I do not feel him

He is not there.

A simple question?


Alexander Scammell

I look at you and I feel different
About everything .
It confuses my senses;
My mind turns.
I have to re-think myself,
Re-think love.

What shape must I fit?
What life must I live?
Who is who?
What is love?

However you want
Comes the answer.
But that does not answer my question.
I ask for me.
Give me my answer.
Don’t take the easy way out of this.

If what I want
Is how it should be, then
Why do I not have everything I want?
Again, a question.
‘You can’t have everything you want’.

Where is the limit?
The line?
The boundary?
Can I not have the love I want?
Answer that for me.

A note


Alexander Scammell

This is not a poem.
This is a pre-cursor.
Take these as they are.

I write them freely
But am not free.

Take that as you will.