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Garima Saxena


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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An Advice


Garima Saxena

Oh my beloved chid,
Why have you become so wild?
I really don't demand anything from you,
But only a few
Before I die at least one or two,
Mere visits,
Because its,
Terrible to stay alone
When you know you have someone of your own.
Why did I suffer the pain?
And kept you in my woumb in vain.
Why did I waste my nights?
Just to see you were sleeping tight.
Why did I always worry?
And always escort you to the nursery.
Why did I help you in your homework and tests?
And always ensure you were the best?
Why did waste my whole life?
Just to bear the tortures of your wife?
And you standing beside to take her side?
With all these tortures I did abide,
Because I felt you were being dominated by her,
Which had brought this change in your behaviour.
But then one day I did overhear,
That I had become a burden to you my dear,
Which was impossible for you to bear.
Therefore I could no longer be near.
Thus one day,
You left me all alone,
On my own,
And went away.
And from that day,
You never came to pay "your mama"a visit.
But how can you understand my pain even a bit?
I still don't demand anything but a mere visit,
Just to give you an advice,
Not to ever make the mistake of raising a child,
Who one day becomes so selfish and wild,
If you want to escape from being in my state,
Never produce a child at any rate.