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Vivek P Sarma


Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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Vivek P Sarma

I have asked myself a thousand times
Why it has to be you, and no one else
I never listen to what this heart tells
It can only be you_and no one else_

I always waited for that prettier girl
With dimpled cheeks and darling smile
She would talk in a whisper .. walk with a swirl
For her I should wait a little while
But, to me, what beauty spells_
It can only be you. and no one else..

I see her stepping barefooted
On the dew laden grass of a green meadow
I see her radiance enchanted
Pure.. .divine.. innocence of a dove
Dancing with the waves and gazing wide eyed
I see her gathering sea shells_
It can only be you and no one else_

I have many a story to share with you
And there’s so much more to hear too
What have we been talking all this while
Now won’t you tell me that little tale
Of divine love_and wedding bells
It can only be you_and no one else_