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Seshendra Sarma


Hyderabad, AP, India

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Seshendra Sarma

Rivers and Poets
Rivers and poets
Are veins and arteries
Of a country.
Rivers flow like poems
For animals for birds
And for human beings-
The dreams that rivers dream
Bear fruit in the fields
The dreams that poets dream
Bear fruit in the people-
Poet a child
A place
A hill
Or a river
Or gathering of trees or houses
Say, a landscape, holds the poet
To its breast and suckles him-
The poet is its child
The poet nevertheless a wandering goblin
A vagabond-
He becomes the child of another place too,
From its geography
He milches the geometry of the land
His eye records the slim elegance
Of lines and curves capturing the grammar
Its speech-
A simple and impetuous child
Alone can walk into
The dreamy labyrinths
Of a poem-
In the evening
A little song,
A bit of darkness
Some wine
Some anxious expectation
And a couple of stars-
Then will be revealed that waterfall
is not the downfall of water
And that tear is not the symbol of sorrow-