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Love is a gamble



Love is a gamble
Kissing is a game
Guys do all the work
Girls get all the blame
A few minutes of pleasure
9 months of pain
3 days in the hospital
A baby to be named
He says he loves you true
But when he sees you're tummy rise
He says the hell with you
Father was a bastard
Mother was a whore
None of this would of happened
If the rubber hadn't tore!!!

O amor um jogo



DreamMachineThis poem was translated by Carlos Wood
The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web

Amar um jogo
O Beijo uma pea
Eles fazem tudo
As meninas levam a culpa
Alguns minutos de prazer
9 meses de dor
3 dias no hospital
Um beb a ser criado
Ele diz te amar de verdade
Mas quando te v de barriga
Diz o diabo de voc
O pai um bastardo
A me uma puta
Nada disso aconteceria
Se a camisinha no furasse!!!