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Bridget Sanders


Bristol, England, UK

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The Hunger


Bridget Sanders

He stalks through the night, he knows no day.
He needs to feed for this is his way.
He has no choice, as this is his life.
All he knows is hunger and strife.

Gone has the life he knew before,
The people he loved they are no more.
His hunger is feirce, he hunts for the kill.
His eyes are on u, but this is no thrill.

You try to run, your heart beats so fast.
you think he's gone, your safe at last.
you tern around, but he's there in one bound.
You try to screem, but your voice makes no sound.

This is your time, and the end is near.
But do not shed a single tear.
Fore this life may end, but the next will be better.
So wipe yourself before you get wetter.



Bridget Sanders

Through the clouds the sun starts to gleam, is this reality or is this a dream.
Alone no more, and content at last my life before i must leave in the past.
The wonders around me s fresh and so new, when i was caged i had not this view.
My roar is of strenth and to others i send, for this is the land that i will defend.
Then it happens, my world starts to fade behind the bars that man has made.
My pain and my sadness can they not see, for i have a dream, a dream to be free.

Natures cry


Bridget Sanders

Buildings that stand, tall to be seen

marking the places where grassland has

woodland that once stood stretched out

for miles, now just logs stacked up in

our forrests,woodland and our

field,destroying this land so they can

to say it looks better would just be lying,

while mothernature still keeps dying.