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Sailen Chandra Sadhu


London, England, UK

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Sailen Chandra Sadhu

Smile is very infectious as it catches others around you soon,

In this earth smile must have come directly from stars or moon.

As a human being alive with knowledge in this earth,

Once smiled, you soon realise how much it's worth.

In real life to gain a friend just smile as you can never lend,

Your greatest enemy might learn 'smile' from you at the end.

To bring harmony the world will need an epidemic of smile alright,

Who knows this may be the answer to create global friendship to avoid fight.



Sailen Chandra Sadhu

A chapter is finished, peace seems to be dead here so,
Nothing can bring it back:please close all doors to keep low.
Never think of that word again?,which is dead all round,
Because now you have missed the chance no way can be found.

Begging for alms is not of any use,
With hope of a dream of bright stars,
A peace-hope is now gone and every one suffers with excuse;
Even the journey is made for miles from Earth to Mars.

Because the spring is gone with changes in the nature here,
While the situation is dormant to change the way we dare.

By majority, long prayers and good will together the dead can be alive so,
One small piece of peace is needed to regenerate the whole ;please try and don't let it go.