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Anette Sabrin


Taipei, Taiwan

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Anette Sabrin

Yes, it hurt me.
Yes, it engrossed me.
Yes, it outraged me.
Yes, it dictated me.
But, no, I was not singing.
Fights were never soothing
Fights were never ceasing
Fights were never exciting
They just were never so.

The Girl


Anette Sabrin

I once met a girl:
Calmly, she sat
Quietly she looked
Solemnly, she read
Hesitantly, she stood
No one ever noticed
Her heart was adventure.
But when alone
her heart rejoiced:
Flying past trees,
Dashing through plains,
Rolling in wildflowers,
She never stopped laughing.
Never would she be out of breath
Never would she be happier
For this was her life,
The life she seeked.
Only I saw
No one but me
For she was alone
in those moments of joy
And I was she...