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Bissme S


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Bissme S

It rained everywhere
But not all place got wet
There is love everywhere
But not everyone is loved



Bissme S

If God
Wants us to be happy
He would not
Have created
Tears in the first place



Bissme S

Here I am, a stranger now.
Whatever I was, I was happy.
But I have changed for loveís sake.
And how I regret doing so!

If you can accept my love,
Why can't you accept the way I am?
You don't want my love towards you changed,
But you want my lifestyle to change.

So I have changed my lifestyle
To suit your taste, to suit your status_
Until I have become
A stranger to myself.



Bissme S

She has a room with a view
Of a beautiful garden.
In the evening
The garden will be full of children
Running, walking, dancing, playing
And doing the things any normal children
Will do in a garden.

Which she can't do
As her legs can only
Sit in a wheel chair.

Each time she looks
At the view of the garden

She remembers
With sadness her incapability.

Indeed, she has a room with
A view of sadness.

Born To Be Fathers


Bissme S

Some men are born
To be fathers.
Sad to say,
My dad is not
One of them.

I was scarcely
In my teens
When my dad abandoned his
Family for a younger woman.

My mom had to
Work hard,
Day in
Day out,
To support her four children.
Her job takes
Most of her time.
She scarcely has time
For her children.

In many ways,
I lost my mother too.
I hunger for
My mom and dadís love.
If my dad had played dad,
This would not have happened.
But there again,
Some men are not
Born to be fathers.



Bissme S

My country
Was a land of beauty
Surrounded by wonderful green forest
And very clear river water flowing
That you can see your own reflection
On the top of it, a constant rainbow
Over the beautiful blue sky
Adding the beauty of my land

Then enter hungry packs of businessmen
Who manipulates, who destroy
The beauty of my land for profit sake
Green forest was cut down
And replace by the sky scrappers
The river became too muddy
That is not fit for the fish to swim
The air around my land
Is full of pollution that is killing
Us and the coming generation slowly
The hungry packs of businessmen
Called themselves explorers
Who brought civilization to my land
But to me, they are nothing more than
Beauty breakers
Indeed I see no point of
Complaning and mourning
As the beauty of my land is gone
and will never return any more



Bissme S

Though she was give
Beautiful brown eyes
That makes her
Look pretty as the moon
But her eyes can't see
Anything or anyone
As she was born blind

Each night she goes
To bed
With a high hopes and
Pray to God
That a miracle must happen
where she could see
The beautiful colours of the
World she lives in
The faces of the people
Who loved her though
She is born blind
When tomorrow arrives
Her hopes remain unfulfilled
Her prayers reamin unanswered



Bissme S

Every evening
In a fancy decorative room
A ballerina will be dancing on
A floor that is full of
Broke piece of glass

She does this
As a punishment to herself
For being stupid enough to give
Her precious heart
To a man who took away
Her happiness, pride and dignity
And left her in
Pain, misery and disgrace

In a hour her dance routine
Comes to an end
Now her legs are filled with
Pain and blood
Yet she feels she has not
Punished herself enough
For the silly crime she have committed
Which was to fall in love
With a wrong kind of man



Bissme S

If the rain
Doesn't flood
The city
My tears will.

Rain & Pain By Bissme S


Bissme S

Sometimes I feel
Like a well
The only difference is
The well
Takes in the rain
And I takes in the pain



Bissme S

She called him father
But he never treated her
As a daughter

He forced himself
On her
He used her
To satisfy his lust

She begged him
To stop
But he never listened

Night after night
He comes into
Her room
To fulfill his lust

He has forgotten
That she was his daughter
He should be protecting her
But he didn't
He destroyed her

When she was old enough
To earn my own bread and butter
She left the house
Without looking back
She finally felt relief that
His hands will never
Touch her again

She never returned home
She never visited him
She never attended his funeral

His close friends called her
The ungrateful daughter
They don't know what he
Has done to her
The hell she went through
To satisfy his lust

Even today she find
Hard time accepting
What her father has done
To her
There were nights
She will have terrible nightmares
Remembering what her father
Did to her
Behind the close doors

God may forgive her father
For what he has done
But she cannot forgive him
And she will never forgive him forever

Even in death
She shall carry her hatred for
Her father
To her grave

Some fathers
Are meant
To be hated