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B. G. Ryan


Cushendun, Northern Ireland, UK

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My Beloved Friend


B. G. Ryan

Come alive my love
and live your life.
Open your eyes
and take my hand,
my beloved friend.
Come into the light
and dance upon the sea,
no tears will fall
beneath your feet
Arise my love
my fair one,
my beloved friend

The Thief of Souls.


B. G. Ryan

Heaven seer made of light
shine through the darkest of night
guardian of my flesh and bones,
protect me from the thief of souls.
The sound that vibrates
from my inner breath
soothes my heart
lays fear to rest.
Until unseen,unheard
he passes by
and a chill wind blows
in the summer's sky.
Guardian of my flesh and bones
break the spell
take me home.
Heaven angels born of light
guide me through my darkest night
protect me from the thief of souls
break the spell
bring me home.

Freedom Cries.


B. G. Ryan

Freedom cries
a human heart
when a human hand
shares the pain.
Man alone cannot
feed the earth
without a name.
Fields of corn
destroyed by time
children crying
without rain.
They seed the soil
to grow the grain
to kill the hunger
to live again.
Freedom cries from
a human heart
when a human eye
cries in vain.
Man alone cannot
feed the earth
without a name.



B. G. Ryan

Lightning struck
Thunder roared a mighty voice
Everywhere upon the earth
In every corner life stood still.

Tears fell from heaven
Up through the ground
Came a trembling sound
Shook my heart made me cry
God in anger I donít want to die.

Not a movement did I feel
Then my aura disappeared
Fleeing fast across the sky
She waved to me,said goodbye.

I stood alone and held my breath
As the land was covered
By the seal of hell.

Recalling visions
Before the storm
How the light gave us warmth
With a tender heart full of love
Memories of a white winged dove.

Now itís over and you can see
What itís like to die in misery
With no friend around
To kiss your name
As you are gently
Lower into the ground.

Love Until Tomorrow.


B. G. Ryan

If I were to leave tomorrow
Would you come and search for me?
If I cried on your shoulder
Would you comfort me?

If all my dreams were shattered
And life's hope had faded away
Would you give me your strength
For my weakness,
Would you love me another day?

Our time together is like the shadows
That fall with the evening sun,
And though we have all these treasures
Would you still love me
If we had none?

The breeze is gently blowing
Across an ocean of tears.
Will our love last
Until tomorrow,
Or for a thousand years?