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Brian Rutherford


Edmonton, AB, CA

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An Answer


Brian Rutherford

A girl calls
She says her name
You hear her voice
A shadow of a voice
It is empty of the
You placed there
Because you cant speak
Tell her how you feel
Speak or never be heard
Move your mouth
Dont be afraid
Share your feelings
Dont be scared
Fill her heart
Because she can fill yours in return
True love comes but once in lifetime
Dont wait
Dont waste
Dont stop loving and she will always be there.

The Knifes Edge


Brian Rutherford

Standing upon the edge of a blade
On one side
What I think is there
And on the other
What is really there
I try so hard to push these worlds
Close together.
But the harder I push
The more they pull apart
Until eventually
I cant see either
Blinded by my own desires
I must learn to ease my heart
And let the worlds become
And then I can freely feel
Dancing on the edge of the world.