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Sara L. Russell


East Grinstead, England, UK

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Well Wishing


Sara L. Russell

For Debbie

I'm thinking of you today.

You and I feeding the rabbits
behind your house
gathering dandelion and dock leaves on the
windy, flat common in Essex.

You had a space hopper
roller skates and a pogo stick.
some made me fall off, but the pogo stick was easy.
your sisters were running everywhere
we were looking more like sisters
than my sister and I, or your sisters and you
both with brown hair
brown eyes
almost the same smile.

In photographs, you
were always a blur, on the move,
hating to be photographed,
transient as air, a blur of hair
and moving arms, a picture
of shyness wanting to be somewhere else.

There were the cats, the rabbits,
long summers, vast flat grasslands
dock and dandelion, clover
and buttercups spilling over the ditches,
butterflies riding the wind
children riding spacehoppers, roller skates
and dream ships forever.
Forever meant forever then;
nothing would ever change,
we would never get older,
there was never danger.

I'm thinking of you today.
Please get well soon.

The Cat


Sara L. Russell

For Harley

The cat sits through a quiet hour
a harlequin in black and white
his pied face like a pansy flower
his eyes twin orbs of amber light
weaving filaments of peace
out of the echo of a purr
smiling at man's lunacies
like a Buddha wrapped in fur

So we concur and stroke his head
and he will flex his dainty claws
or start to chase a trailing thread
or tumble forth, tail over paws
rip carpets, shatter the peace
or skid over the kitchen floor
we snigger at his lunacies
until he lies serene once more.

Voices In The Late Night Forum


Sara L. Russell

Sunset sky
Late leaves fall
as litter flies


All night
feels strange
I crack

Late flight
I break
I'll change
come back


I don't know why she never really knew me
I wish I knew why she was so unkind
And why she cut my clothes to shreds so rudely
And ripped the peace cleanly out of my mind


i hate myself
i hate my life
my fingers close around the knife
my cuts are mouths screaming in vain
as blood mixes with streaming rain


Hey lonely -
your poem sucked.
Read more, get out more,
eat meat or forever hold your peas.


Nightfall comes
wood smoke curls
as lights go out.


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