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Michael Russell


Langley, BC, CA

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December Seventh


Michael Russell

People come together and happiness too
divided after we part, separated, smiles few
remember differences, distances between us
normal for any two like us, anybody else
I want to forget the run to the ledge
but my heart never forgets to remember
in my mind, in my heart, no colder night
than the seventh of December

You used to say how only the latter end
could ever make us part forever
well you were partly right
but I can still feel us together
quick to the rescue, but all is lost
December seventh, midnight feather
all that has been won is loss

Witness another graveside visit to
you my love
walking back and forth again
unable to think of the words to say
nothing can convey all Im thinking
words dont really make feelings anyway
see my words stumble and fail again
into a tear running down