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We are publishers, we are not literary critics. If you want to talk with someone about your poems, you can do so by joining a chat group or news group made especially for you to meet people who share your interests We do NOT give critical assessments about your poetry. If you want to contact the poets use the email address you can find on his or her page. Messages directed to the poets which arrive at our mailbox will NOT be forwarded to the authors of poems.

If you want to submit poems to be published on these pages, use the link found at the bottom of this page and fill out the form for submission of poems. If your poem is accepted, it is our job to convert your files in HTLM and add hyperlinks. Create your document in the form that you would like to be displayed, but DO NOT send documents created with the Word processor. DO NOT send files consist exclusively of text "in all caps" Remember that the finished appearance of the page depends on HTML display properties. We try to maintain the appearance of the pages as much as possible. If you are writing in a language that requires a special viewer to see the characters properly, tell us where to get it (if you know!). No poetry will be published without the author's name (which need not be your real name), e-mail address (which must be valid) and location (city, state and country). Here's a summary of our rules.

To submit your poetry, click HERE .

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