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Nikki Ruffo


Worcester, MA, US

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Hampton's Fate


Nikki Ruffo

Massive breath-taking blue arms
stretch out across the horizon.
An endless strip of sand
await their arrival.
Music of a phantom roaming the night,
captures two in it's web of wonders.

Two people sit on a spiraling bench,
reading messages circling in the sky.
A hope of love that will stand the
test of time.
A plan for all the world to envy.

Social Revolution


Nikki Ruffo

Critical minds spring forth anger and confusion,
Unwither their consciences of inner executions.
One unravels through socail revolution,
The other due to massive disillusion.

An illusion caused by outstanding pain,
Forced upon to cause the insane.
The Social Revolution fights with cheer,
A growing plight composed of wit 'n care.

That which fights the verbosity of another,
Will prove might over most of the other.
To the insane may it be defeated,
So pride won't go mistreated.

All in all, pressure to some is infinite,
But conversation will no doubt help it.
Remember, talk with the wit and the care,
So that some day all no doubt will be fair.