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Erithicus Rubecula


Southampton, England, UK

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Steamin' Drunk


Erithicus Rubecula

Steamin drunk,
Head feels fussy,
Eight pints downed,
Cannae speak anymore,
Eyes don't focus,
"Like a Skunk !",
Wool in the Ears,
Need my bed,
Empty Wallet,
Cash Machine,
Chicken Curry,
Get taxi home,
Key doesnae fit,
Doors not Locked,
Crawl up Strairs,
End of the Bed,
One shoe off,
Room Spinning,
Sleeeeeeeeep !
"Never Again",
Phone rings,
They feel the same,
"comin' out tonight",
Nae Bother,
"See you at Eight".

Got Steamin drunk,
Head feels fussy,

My Golden Hair Girl


Erithicus Rubecula

My Golden Hair Girl
Dances On The Lawn,
Always Playing,
Just On Her Own.

My Golden Hair Girl
In Snow White Gown,
Pretends To Die,
Then Falls Down.

My Golden Hair Girl
Loves To Sing,
What A Sweet,
Little Darling.

My Golden Hair Girl
Nobody Taught Her,
She Certainly is,
Her Mothers Daughter.

My Golden Hair Girl
This Time I Dread,
When I Must Say,
Time For Your Bed.

My Golden Hair Girl
Shows No Sorrow,
She Knows She Will,
Dance Again Tomorrow.



Erithicus Rubecula

The wind creates me, moving with the tide,
fighting with the other waves, to grow or,
be swallowed into a more powerful one.

Never alone, as the army heads for land,
waiting in turn to throw myself ashore.
Burst with pride as I boil, froth and cascade over the sand.

My time over now,
retreating to be swallowed by the next.
I wait for the wind to change and create me again.

Passing Strangers


Erithicus Rubecula

Descend into a world of Strangers Passing,
Shoulder to shoulder the city amassing,

Stand and wait for that silvery train,
Will you get that free seat again,

Umbrella's, a hat - a single stray glove,
Multitude of faces - some even in love,

You must not steal anyone's space,
No direct looks into someone's face,

Study nothing but the platform floor,
Squashed in tight as they close the door,

Momentum swing when you start and stop,
Products on billboards the moving backdrop,

Colourful lines show the underground tunnels,
Your just part of the large human funnel,

An entire race in constant fluid motion,
Each day there is different commotion,

Upwardly mobile back into the sun,
The working day has only just begun,

Passing strangers in the underground train,
When will we meet one another again ?

To Water on Water


Erithicus Rubecula

I've often wondered how you pee,
When on a yacht, out at sea ?

To the "Heads" down the ladder,
being sick before an empty bladder !

Drop the pants, piss out the side,
a rogue wave - soaks your pride.

Over the back ! Just got to Go !
Some smart arse, takes your photo !

The crew say, "Clip it with a peg",
A final resort, you piss down your leg.

mijn ideal maten


Erithicus Rubecula

Mijn ideal maten, has a shapely bum.
Don't forget a good sense of fun.
He's interested in all types of art.
As for in Bed ! - He doesn't fart.

Intelligent ? yes, a wealth of knowledge.
Should have gone to a clever college.
Must share the same musical beat.
We'll dance together, cheek to cheek.

Crazy, a little in the mind.
Must be sweet, as well as kind.
His thoughts, must remain open.
To meet him - I'm still hopin'.

A little stubborn, I must insist.
Does this special man really exist ?
I'll search for him the best I can.
He''ll love me - I'm the perfect woman !

Pasta 'N' Passion


Erithicus Rubecula

Looking across the table,
Was like watching a perfect rainbow.
The radiance of her smile,
Was like the pot of gold.
All the other colours flushed,
Across her face - red cheeks, orange lips.
And her eyes, oh her eyes,
Held all the other colours perfectly.

- - -X- - -

Pasta twirls eaten with zest,
Melted my Heart like mozzarella.
Her faced flushed a rosy red,
I'm watching Italian pleasures.
A glance comes my way,
Eyes narrow and say hello You.
I know what goes on
In that male mind of yours

- - -X- - -

Come and sit beside me,
Heard me ? and you do.
People watch and they guess,
Jealousy, curiosity - do they know ?
Electric vibes zap my skin,
That soft voices strokes the ears.
What do you need for a rainbow
Powerful forces of Sun and Rain.
You have them both....

On a High


Erithicus Rubecula

As I sat atop the mountain,
heart in my mouth,

I looked down to the cold,
damp, forbidding rocks.

My hands were sweating,
heart racing,

Eyes unfocussed,
gasping for breath.

Was I frightened of this beast
or in love with her ?

I could not tell.

Just to see the world's beauty
and feel these emotions,

Was all that I wanted from life.

Finger on the Pulse


Erithicus Rubecula

My heart beats,

I hear it in my head,

Then silence comes,

Now I must be dead.

Unspoken Words


Erithicus Rubecula


Rage Within


Erithicus Rubecula

Arrives like an ocean squall,
Blackest of thoughts,
Nursing a burning desire,
To rip, maim, disgorge,
Punish , self exorcise,

Seeking santuary,
Behind mental cruelty
Orgasmic joy for
Your victims pain,

Being Calmed by
Desired retribution,
Rapid descent into,

The internal despair,
For succumbing to,

Your RAGE within.



Erithicus Rubecula

Triangles of pleasure
Apple hidden within
Each mouthful was
A heavenly sin

Sweet 'n' juicy
A little bit tart
Warmth abound
In my heart

Sugar on top
Oh, the crunch
Most perfect end
To my lunch

Apples and pasty
Were they organic?
I don't care
so "mouthgasmic"

For me to eat them
Was a joy for life
No doubt one day
you'll be a perfect wife

Baked by Rebecca
Or was it her sis?
Leaving Den Haag
These triangles I'll miss

Egyptian Princess


Erithicus Rubecula

Speechless I was, what do I say?
To answer you, was difficult in any way.
Standing there, elegance framed by the door
"No" I said, what am I doing?, I know no more.

The water fell to cover me as a whole
It was you I wanted, to envelope my soul.
To feel your most sensuous of touch
That is what I wanted, oh so much.

Needing to look at you, those heavenly eyes
To say "Yes", may have been my demise.
You forgave, Hours passed, with an intimate talk
I want that again, on a long evening walk.

Your touch was like lightning, on my skin
My passion arose, from my loins they begin.
What do I do now?, this is not absurd
Recite these, to you, privately these words.

Only time will tell, what was meant to be
Every day now, it is you, in my mind I see.
Forever, your beauty, men have rarely seen
For me, you will always be my, Egyptian Queen.

Nagy Nagyon Szeretlek


Erithicus Rubecula

She is a bugger sometimes,
One helluva lot of grief
Life is so exciting
Always in mischief

Show me your emotions
Emptied the feeling sack
She doesn't like them
So I have to put them back

My girl, is the nirvana
a perfect woman, a dream
Morning she is sunshine
Evening, a sparkly moonbeam

A radiant shiny treasure
I am the luckiest chap
So where do I find her
Beside me - but sometimes
She is the X on a map.



Erithicus Rubecula

Edes, Edes, Edes
My Love I confess
Edes, Edes, Edes
My Love I do Stress

Edes, Edes, Edes
My love it will last
Edes, Edes, Edes
Forget About Our Past

Edes, Edes, Edes
Our Life it Has Begun
Edes, Edes, Edes
Make Love, Have Kids, Much Fun

Edes, Edes, Edes
I Will do What I Can
Edes, Edes, Edes
Your Crazy Poem Man



Erithicus Rubecula

Orchids stand with majesty and grace in our dining area. They define a structure and importance of what they are, where they are and who they are.

They are reflected in the mirror showing the full aspect of their beauty to all who enter our space. Each head is beautiful, unique, looking out into our home.

They do not look out of place. Their colour is balanced, white with a light purple, stalks earthy green. They match our scheme for our dining area.

Strong wood to rest our food reflects their strength, olive chairs accentuate stems, the purple placemats just darker than the bud. Their creamy white matches the plates we so often use.

As you recline, stomach filled with fine food you look around and see this colours combine. You look further and find all the spaces filled with such style and harmony.

The Chinese style bedroom, with splashes or red shows our passion and warmth that we know we show to one another.

Our sitting area flows with energy, fluidness that takes the energy from us and returns it with pleasure. The impression of the sea reminds us of the water, a life giving source.

A sea of tranquillity for us to sit and talk, to remember the night gazing at the stars whilst sitting next to the lapping waves in Menorca.

This will be the welcome space, where people first see us in our home, relaxing with us, they will feel at home through our feelings for them and how the furniture wraps around them to make them feel secure.

We have our fun side as well, CHI-CHI fun. an area that was our first resting place in our home. The seats will grow to accept our shapes as we sit their reading, reflecting.

Already our first visitors looked comfortable and relaxed in this area as they basked in the warming sun and love we showed to them.

Outside is no different. Flowers to brighten the dull days, herbs to sustain our kitchen larder adding depth and flavour to our food.

Our home is a true reflection of us, colourful, structured, varied, stylish, welcoming and loving.

I feel as beautiful as an orchid in our home.