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Elisabeth Royalty


Cincinnati, OH, US

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Elisabeth Royalty

i was thinkin today
about bedtime stories
and how i love
your arms around me
though late at night
i wake
a moment
and feel alone

and i was thinkin today
about silver rings
jade or love
whatever fills the spaces
in our hearts

and how i miss
parks and playgrounds
and how i want
to go to the zoo
the art museum you've never seen
and miles of trees

and i was thinkin today
of time to rest
without the dishes
without the paint
without my world clogging yours
like the time
even draino couldn't kill

and i was thinkin today
about my head
some grape leaf
stuffed to exhaustion

and i was thinkin today
about writing a letter
or poem
and got nothing in between
just my tired heart
to give to you

and i was thinkin today
how i miss you
and i want you back
to be all my life again

sometimes i forget who i am
wonder who you are
and think about us
what we have been
what i want to be

i'm so tired
so lonely
so longing for a precious moment
of nothing
except us
and a painting
or a parkbench
maybe a swingset
sunlight filtering through trees

and i was thinkin today
of how i want you
and feel our parting
like a rubber band