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Lexington, NC, US

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Ditsy Roshelle

suicidal thoughts become
everyday thoughts
every part of your body
longs for the end
of your misery
it dosn't help to talk
about it
you repel
if someone wants to help you
Charter was only a joke
before you
became depressed
sad is an understatment
so is misery and gloomy
no part of speech describes
how you feel
something in you wants to be happy
but you don't care
it dosn't matter



Ditsy Roshelle

A haunting melody echos in my ears
harmony played to perfection
the most beautiful thing I have ever heard
unearthly music
never to be heard again
the keys of the piano
have never been touched with such
as they were when they uttered
those unforgetable notes



Ditsy Roshelle

Sexy man

~You Are~


Ditsy Roshelle

You're an desease that's caused in different ways.

You're the pain and cure that always stays.

You give me love yet you give me hate.

You are the one that caused this mistake.

You are the cure that comes when the time is right.

You are the pain I ought to fucking fight.

I go on my kness for you.

I am what you tell me to do.

You get me the attention I need.

Yet all of the questions I ask of you is greed.

I am before,you are after.

You are the pain I let out with anger.

You are my voice when I can't speak.

You are the strength yet you are the weak.

You are the cover wrapping me away.

Wrapping me away day to day.

As you make me thinner,you're making me a sinner.

As I walk I can't see.

Would you like to take the place of me?

Each day, I look at a different reflection.

Are you caused by depression?

You are the only education I seem to know.

You are the pain that never seemed to show.

You are the pain that can see through my eyes.

I am the weakness full of denies.

You are my liberation.

You are my expression.

You are my voice.

You are my choice.

Yet, I have a question for you to answer.

Why do you make me believe I can live like this forever?