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Chad Roscoe


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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The New Generation


Chad Roscoe

this was to be the last generation.
they knew. they had been told.
the silence of waiting years dripped all around

her belly round with the sun, golden and waxy

oh shit oh shit oh shit
how did it happen
how could it have happened
how can YOU be PREGNANT
how the hell should I know

you are sterile right

of course Im fucking sterile
I got my balls fried same as any other kid in the system
oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
ok calm down calm down lets think we gotta do something
you gotta miscarry

the punching bag was brown and blue
still he went on
hand over fist
fist over murder
until she nailed 'STOP' to her breath
and ran for the bathroom

and stopped mid track
the new generation had come
in blood and water and...stuff
what now
...just...pick it up...
...and flush it
I cant touch it
I cant
and once again to the bathroom

studies had been done
it was just no longer feasible
and life they said was far worse than the lack of it

Chocolate Pudding


Chad Roscoe

The deep sensation,of the cocoa relation,
let's you explore the exaggeration of your Imagination.
Dropping out all the procrastination of the entire nation.
You get tuned to you own station.
Just find out and make your proclamation.
Everyday you'll have the anticipation, but never fail for
the imitation.
There should be no implication of inhumation just for
the sweet sensation of...
Chocolate Pudding

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