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Haifa A Romio


Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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End Me


Haifa A Romio

Oh dear, oh dear

How is it that we all came here?

A moment of lust!

A love so real!

I think_!

I think_!

I think_a lot

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter

I cannot adhere

My God, why live - why life

That constant turbulent rush _ and strife

End me_

Comprehend my life and me

That noise, that continues noise

Take me where I can Stop!

And be at peace

Where I can -all that held anger- release

For I cannot release

I cannot release

For I must please

Give that hungry crowd their piece

My pound of flesh,

Their driving fuel ; my obscurity disease

Lose me. Lose me.

Oh lose me please_

I'm so damn unlost

Time, people and thoughts all find me_

_ But all I want to be is lost_.

Life oh life

Choices and noises

Life oh life

Regret and the Internet

Life oh life

Religion and a velvet pigeon

Life oh life

Hunger and surrender

Life oh life

Diseases and new movie releases

Life oh life









_. And Death

And Death



My mind is troubled;

People are angry

Things have doubled

I cannot stop!

I cannot stop!

I cannot stop _ my mind from thinking

I think why?

I think when?

And just right then

When I'm almost done

I think why do I think?

Why do I think?

Why think


Game's over, You've lost!

But you still have one more time to go

You'll always have one more time to go

Come on, just once more

Come on, take only one step

And then one more

Try again

To fail again

To start all over again

Oh that non-ending cycle

Of thought and pain

I cannot end

I cannot end

For still there are people

For still there is a God

And Hell and heaven

And some sex-less days

To be spent until an aimless day without a mission

They all want me to

Push my re-start button ; my foe

And do what I gatta do

But what do I want?

Do I still WANT .

End me


Live inside me

And forever hold me

Spend my time for me

Take me away from me

Take my life and live it for me

Think for my mind but not about me

I am but a thought, think me out and spend me

Oblivion echoes call me; come to me and un-live me

Save me from me

Come and stay with me

Make passionate love to me

De-flower my mind, release me

You're still the only one for me

Sleep with my hunger and un-fill me

My head is empty when you're with me

My lost wars are but lost battles do tell me

Oh I'm one too many for me.

End me