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Val Brooklyn Rogers


Brooklyn, NY, US

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Love Is These Things


Val Brooklyn Rogers

Love is lackey things and beauty CARES
A touch of INFATUATION at the fringes
And always shared
A simple kiss on the cheek
Washing her feet at the CREEK

Love is blue berry STAINS on sofas and chairs
And tiny TOTS run around safe and sound
Love is never a tarnished gray
An African violet on the best of days
Gentle laughter and smooth in June
Never comes to soon
That day

Sensual yet delicate and refined
Love is hearing yes after you're
Down on one knee

It's watching him walk or listening to her talk
Always filled with actions of passions
With little exaggerated fashions
What a LUSCIOUS melody from the HEART
Straight from the start

Beautiful when it's real but here's the deal
It's sometimes crazy with plenty of ZEST and zeal
Love is alive, it BLEEDS eroticism and bathes
In sensuality
It's pulling her close then closer

It's letting him have his space
A whisper in the ear
A STROKING of the hair
Love is everything on a clear summer day
Just sitting under a willow tree with him by the bay

Love is a POET'S dream of a perfect song
It's a new day UNWRAPPING it self at the dawning
A TRICKLING of raindrops on a sweet Sunday
Summer morning
For all of our enjoyment, LOVE IS the sweetness

That a child is born in
And always LET it be said LOVE IS an eternal
Dance through time on heaven's bed