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Val Brooklyn Rogers


Brooklyn, NY, Kings

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Expect Changes


Val Brooklyn Rogers

Expect changes that you know
Will grow this love in time.
Expect these changes which should
Not be dreaded, but open each of
Our hearts like rose buds.

Expect changes of a frantic bride
Waiting for her groom.
The types of changes which tips its
Hat to an Autumn afternoon.
Expect fiery changes that may consume

Each of our hearts in flames.
One beloved to another, expect these
Changes of subtle pains that come
With torrential rains.
Expect changes of social madness at

A spring wedding of bliss when kissed.
Now seasons turn with a twist and all
Is fair on a summer afternoon.
Expect changes which may stay til the
Festive spark of June.

When all has simmered and is fancy and
Steamy, acknowledge these days as fine
And dreamy.
Then the laughter of spring and summer
Mingle when autumn touches and more
To tingle.

Soon winter rushes in.
A lightly falling snow, exceeding the
Joy I hoped for.
Akin to hungry waves licking the ocean's
Gladdening shores.
Expect changes with impossible meanings
And fair weather dreamings