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Sari Robarge


Raleigh, NC, US

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Sari Robarge

the sweetness of gentle insanity comes to
rock me in for another night of sleep.

Funny that I should miss the hours of
which time I so dearly love, yet when I
don't remember to hang to the
conventinalism which they beg me to, the
hours spent in wonder and amazement.

Filled in anguish and romance which, at
the calling of the night I will believe, no
matter what they say:
and, like a drunk the morning after, I
remember only too well what happened the
night before, and it is only by denying it,
to all who surround me, that I am able to
forget it ever existed.
Running through the tormented objects in
my mind until i can no longer seaperate
fact from fiction and all is sooner again

Held tight in the arms of insanity; a safe
blanket against every emotion that I
might not control just right: and the
excuse that i would have to use to excuse
the behavior that no one understands.

bred at night in the alleys of the streets
of the citys that only exist in my mind.
Yet what entity could be so powerful to
hold on to, now, that i should feel the
emotion of it the next day?
Oh, gentle insanity come bring me safely
home to those I love.