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Rudiric Sumile Rizon


Poblacion, Philippines

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Rudiric Sumile Rizon

When the light alighted from this room
it marks the prelude of a quest,
Of mermaids,dragons,dinosaurs,
of stars and lost cities,
An incessant craving for greatness
uninhibited by flaunting fads,
Like a tick which gives you
that tingling sensation,
A world so little where alloy of colors and strokes
serves as aqueduct of thoughts,
Muscle spasticity and ataxia does not rule
for it is only the heart tell,
This enthusiasm bereft sorrow,
But how would they ever be equalled by the living?
We don't know where the next light will come from..,
So grab what you can
Immerse yourself
For this quest somehow provides
a playfield for Lilliputian league,
And whenever molds cling to glass inside
---remember..., berate me.