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Janet Ritchie


Orlando, FL, Middlesex

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The Front Porch


Janet Ritchie

The Front Porch

I remember as a child when I walked along my street,
The people filled front porches as they gathered there to meet.
Where burnt out days of work bred many little stories told,
And gentle times were shared by all my neighbors young and old.

Today we've patios with fences all around the lawn,
The yards are small and much of the entire gathering is gone.
And porches are for decoration now, you rarely see a chair
The days still burn but storytellers rarely gather there.

I wish there were more backyards where the little kids could play,
I wish there were no fences to keep visitors at bay.
I miss the porches magic, as they cast an evening spell
Bringing forth the wondrous stories that the grownups used to tell.

Copyright Janet Ritchie 1995