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Cherie Del Rio


Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

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Cherie Del Rio

Thousands of innocent lives came crashing down
Burnt in the flames of wrath in plain selfish ways_
Thousands of innocent lives taken in an instant
By a belief shrouded by greed, a belief not worth defending_
And I cry_

A bath in blood, A downpour of tears_
With prayers to counter all established fears_
A nation in crisis, the earth in turmoil,
I wonder what evil is inflicted upon this man with no heart_
And I cry_

But as pain and fear cover this planet, a light flickers in the dark.
Humanity coming together having the same creed_
Regardless of race, of status and the color of their skin_
United to battle one enemy_
With one prayer and one hope_
Struggling to regain the freedom and peace which once reigned_
Working together to achieve this common dream_
Thus, I believe that in this fight against terrorism_
We all will win_

And I smile_