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Paul Rieselman


Dekalb, IL, US

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Clouds Have Spoken


Paul Rieselman

The leaves have fallen to the smitten ground;
Beneath me lie the crunched up saddeness.
Next to Time who has moved up one,
She looks into the void of emptiness.
And into the gray, spot a black bird
Whose wings told me to get away!
With the cold rain that knocks my skull,
Darkness is the one who is far behind.

Just a Thought


Paul Rieselman

Cranial fissure cracked to understand
The wickedness that lies next to modern man.
Darkness that comes only from what is known
And the evilness that is present
Has ever yet to be shown.

With the winds that cry for sanity
The plea seems more for humanity
So that we may justify our own actions-
Being understood takes hours
On end to claim asylum or sanction.

With the mercy one puts into another's hands
We choose to be free but no one can take a stand
To close the issue that lies from above,
And while the Raven cracks his beak down -HARD!,
The white light from above has sent his love.

And the Children never seem to hesitate.
Actions speak louder than they captivate
A father's mind that seems to worry- free,
And as the clock strikes HARD, we look ahead:
We look around and check who's dead.

The Raven falls into his blood stained gore,
And the Children are gone, forever more.

When I met a new friend


Paul Rieselman

For Grace

Sitting across from the magic screen,
Seeming cooler now than I really seem.
Clicking my thoughts into the wall-
Click-click-click! when I make a call.

I play, she plays, what more than that?
The flow through her hands across white and black.
Both I mean, from two different keys.
One for sweet notes, and the other for me.

Across the line from South to Wing B,
I fingered my way into a place for me.
Discussion pondered into a young clean chat,
And with that I sat on my sacroilliac.

Reminded of a friend who situates so close,
The keys spat to me sounds of music.
And with white ivory beneath her fingertips,
I carefully read in silence.

A Call to Come to See


Paul Rieselman

Call to come to see and play;
Make me better by night and day.
Hold and held in our arms tonight
Despite my fright I turn off my light.

Call to come to see and speak;
She makes me better week by week.
Eyes say enough when we are dreaming,
And seeing is believing for the time being.

Call to come to see and touch;
I make her better without a hush.
We carress each other with a new love found,
Around and around as we spin to the ground.

Call to come to see and be;
We make us better- As far as I can see.
To be, to touch, to speak, to play,
Her way is my way with love everyday.

My Jelly Belly


Paul Rieselman

Does it seem like you've seen a star?
With requisition and remorse by far?
An angel amist the nightly sky?
With the heavens opened as we go by?

Does it seem as if we had fallen true?
With two steps forward, just me and you?
A moment of silence within our eyes?
Into a studder, with no kind of lies?

Does it seem like an interlocking kind of love?
From beginning to end, from downwards and above?
A kind of grip that makes us feel deep?
And in so steep? or a rocket in our sleep?

Does it seem like we fit into the same sleeve?
A kind of snug that you would never want to leave?
Is it the same as I feel whenever I'm with you?
Is it someone you love?
I want you always to be true.

Saturday Afternoon


Paul Rieselman

Hindered house that lies above
Near the ocean's arms extended
An almighty fortress of exceeded power
And a force that has never ended.

Aurum clouds beneath the wind
With Nature's force suspended
A leaf that never made it's way
Until She tried to send it.

My Sweetness


Paul Rieselman

My Sweetness, your love is profound.
My Sweetness, Will you wear me my crown?

You are the only one who means so much to me.
I find that day after day, you are all that I ever need.
When we are together, my heart is raging with fire.
You are the only one who can keep me with that desire.

Anatomy 311


Paul Rieselman

Thoughts trickle down a waterfall
The darkness holds it in
A walk in the damp coldness
I wonder how I should begin.

Corrugator Supercilli--eyebrows in
Procerus crinkles transversly
Orbicularis Occuli
Shuts my eye
And I might try
Not to cry
cause I can't lie...

This Anatomy is just killing me...
Olson, where are you?

Her frizzed hair just sets me back
What might she want for that exam?
I try to know all I've learned
But it will never do--shizzam!

Her cocky mood as she cuts that man
Down the face into his neck.
Why not fired?, I thought...
Why not fired.

Will I get through this?
Should I just read the book?
Answers lie ahead...
Same Anat. time,
Same Anat. place,
Tune in next time
My exam has been
butchered by the beast of all beasts.
The scalpal has cut more than this cadaver...

Death or Laughter?- The Way it is.


Paul Rieselman

Pint of asprin
on my head-
no one knows
until I'm dead;
But they will see
when I die-
there was no problem
from which I'd hide.

The Muppets played outside the room,
while Nanny hummed a gentle toon-
by this she meant to swing her sway
and play in May that day some way.

I could try to tell you what I mean
but you'd only feel that something.
When I told it to you how it is,
you thought striz to the biz-
cause thats just how it is.

My philosophical whims try you too much.
you try to follow, but would like it more easy.
the corruption feeds from the naive youths these days
and if you could say, that this is the way,
maybe one day you will free your mind
and think for yourself,
and do what you want,
and see what you wish
but until then,
destiny awaits you my friend.
To society,
To corruption,
To your parents,
and mostly
To yourself.

It's ok to try, and it's alright to succeed,
yet the music does'nt last forever-
if thats what you need...

A man is admitted,
at 2 a. m. and
is screaming in agony,
and you tap his spine
right from behind-
and you hear that horrific long beep.
You know you tried.

Or the woman who could have been saved,
but the industry wanted their way.
And you followed the procedures by the book-
just like in school, By The Book, says your teacher,
Buy The Book, Bye...The Book.

Who is it now? who will it be?
not me says me, not me, you will see.
Come and see what I see, for free-
you'll aggree.

Striz to the biz to the niz is how it is, for riz.

Interestingly Enough yet Silently Unspoken


Paul Rieselman

The way you rest your head to me
Seems more than ending endlessly
In my arms around your frame
Through your hair there's no disdain:

Looking out into the distance
thru your eyes; only you can tell
what you see is what I am.
Intuition is the key to fame
let a game be the same as my name-
which is all that matters to me right now
I could fall and never wake up, knowing
that your eau would be lingering at my door-
waking me up from a dreadful trance, without a sound
of shame wiped beneath a broken panned glass window.
And when i can see you next, I think of what to tell you:
I'm not sure where we are, or where we will be; I know
that soon we will go to show and throw out our misconceptions
of this world.
To see or not to be-
be with me,
or decide not to be-
as with me
you will see.
...not too hard to
find out the clue
that will show you
what is on my mind
and perhaps you will find
that i'm not so bad
infact i'm rad-
so don't be had
and run to him
because i'll bee here
for you.

Just Before Bed


Paul Rieselman

I sit here with Axe in Hand
without a band
and like a grain of sand
Alone, singing, playing
and tapping to the beats
in my head.