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Davide Riccio


Turin (torino), Italy

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The deeper I go


Davide Riccio

The deeper I go into the ground, the darker it gets
The deeper I go into the air, the darker space it gets
The deeper I go into the sea, the darker abyss it gets
The deeper I go into psychic forces, the darker it gets
The deeper I go into time, past or future, the darker it gets
Wherever the deeper I go, the darker it gets and colder
Until the darkest dark of all
A darkness complete
Few is light in slender streaks on surface of things
Lightness, levity
Even stars glowing
Blind by light
And dark is in blindness

Me, I came from a dark motherís womb of non-existence
And to dark inexistence I will return
Whether I like it or not other I believe in is not certainty