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Hanny Rentel


Fenelon Falls, Ontario, CA

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Hanny Rentel

He was my friend for nineteen years - a funny little man,
A gentle soul whose spirit bloomed while caring tenderly,
In spite of size my fearless friend was a true gentleman,
All puffed and wild he stood his ground to save his family,
Out in the yard, all by himself he chased these dogs - they ran.

As little tyke he patiently endured the children's endless torments,
Not even once in all that time did he decide he had enough,
He played the games, no matter what and vaulted by the fence,
Grass in his ears, his hair a mess, just nothing was too rough,
Childhood is short, let's have a ball, he knew that this made sense.

Ground beef that was his favorite food, my friend cost me a mint,
I won't complain about that part, he paid me back a hundredfold,
His quiet presence warmed my heart without demands, not even lint,
He shared life's miseries and triumphs, his knowing eyes so wise and old,
I am convinced if he could speak, advise he'd give me, tips and hints.

Life is so short, the time just past like water through my fingers,
My little friend a while ago just knew how soon we'd say goodbyes,
This little giant grew so old and frail and didn't want to linger,
Beloved cat, you raised your head to say adieu with dewy eyes,
May there be fields of catnip green with frisky mice and midnight singers.