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James Reece


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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James Reece

Someone once told me that galaxies will rebuild,
maybe that's true but today I want them to shrink,
that would be good.
How many enraged electrons would it take?
I don't know but it'd be a short walk to see God.

I'd stand in the abnormal rain and hug it's sweetness
you could take my arm
like you were choosing me in some weird competition.
We could inhale the stars
and underestimate the greatness of the whole thing
satisfying ourselves nothing is going to break.

Tighten your thoughts and keep them warm,
it will all be so.



James Reece

Why does Earth see me as an odd number?
Sliding inside my silky seams,
hip nowadays but born from pain.

And I'll continue to run
as long as time is still hard to comprehend
I understand that my galaxy is an atom
and whether or not you are a Christian
will God love you anyway?

Maybe, although I've heard he can be particular
but then, why wouldn't you be?
If you were God I mean.