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Dushyant Raj Reddy


Richmond, NSW, Australia

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For Mylove..


Dushyant Raj Reddy

Was it the sweetness in your voice
Or your wicked words of choice
That made me fall for You?

Was it the love within your eyes
Or the way you breathe and sigh
That made me live my life for You?

One thing is certain, that you've got to keep smiling
Can't determine the time, though throughout these times we'll keep shining
A never endless passion in life, I dream at night
And if that was wrong, then now we make it right

Special things come and go, drop a message then they leave
But when I have part, are You tugging on my sleeve?
Am i being so naive, that my heart can't make You see
That in everything I see, that your everything to me!?

what else can i do?


Dushyant Raj Reddy

i cry
at the thought
my loss

my heart
the cost

why did things
so swiftly
take place?

they last
though i lost

you knew the reason
you saw the desire
you felt the warmth
you touched the fire

in all i know
mylove for you..



Dushyant Raj Reddy

i love evans high
it is where i grew up
my friends
my foes

the times i spent
with my friends
and the times
i spent in class

i love evans