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Rage Of Reason


A Long Way, The Netherlands

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Nepal - The Decease of Life


Rage Of Reason

The steep, piercing and white hued
Peaks of the sacred territory of Nepal
From where unsolved deity dispute
The fading quiver of man's insane fall
That rendered the gods powerless
For man proved mean and tireless
In his unbending urge for suicide
His ignorance and stubborn pride

Icy blizzards of fatal purity
Fiercely scrape the mountain slope
To vanish in time and obscurity
Deleting the last fragments of hope
Where once echoed the splendor of
Mankind's chaste and tender love
Now screams deafening silence
Recoiling unthinkable violence

Life's twisting bloodstained path
Lost all the love it needs to endure
It can no longer escape death
This time it will not cure
The close of time
For humankind
Never was so near
It is lastly here

Under the eyes of the gods
On a bed of white flowers
Surrendering to biased odds
Life spends it's final hours
In infinite sadness
The goddess' caress
It doesn't feel anymore
Life past away just before

Weeping a stream of tears
The gods cry in agony
For their ultimate fears
Now became their destiny
Their sole incentive to be
That was you and me
Turned into history
Into infinity



Rage Of Reason

Life wouldn't really be half as funny
Without my Zippo and lots of money
The lighter I need to set things on fire
And money to buy the fuel I require

In order to keep the fire burning
I knew I had to start learning
What the flames liked or not
Or I'd be cold instead of hot

Nothing like the beauty of a blaze
The delight of an untamed grace
Of flames in a ravenous dance
I witness in shuddering trance

The festival of flaming rage
Roaring heat dodging it's cage
Starts with Zippo's familiar click
Inciting matter in it's lethal trick

Buildings crumble, people shout
They're fighting to put the fire out
I try to make fuel and oxygen last
Inextinguishable fires are the best

After the carnival ashes remain
As a token of a bash so insane
While the bliss still seethes within
I kiss my Zippo with an evil grin