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Flora Razali


Wolfville, NS, CA

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Flora Razali

You made me laugh
In spite my tears
You stayed by me
Throughout my fears
You gave me strength
When I was weak
You showed you cared
When I was sick
You talked to me
When I was alone
You filled my heart
And not let it turn to stone
May you always be by me
Always, through and through
My dearest friends
I deeply thank you..



Flora Razali

Love, to me, is you
In all the things you do
Keep me happy, Keep me warm
Keep me safe, In this winter storm
Come hold me now
So close and tight
Caress me slowly
On these lonely nights
Come heal my heart
So badly broken
Rescue me...
With your words unspoken.

Autumn and Everyhting After (Guest Writer)


Flora Razali

Bright and passionate hues of the season begin to fade,
The air that once engendered warmth and refreshed life is all but away.
Like grasping for something they know they cannot hold,
It is replaced by a chill that dulls and causes recoil, causes cold.

It is the feeling of the Autumn that they will always seek,
The embrace and the joy of life, growth and happiness, at it's very peak.
"The memories will stay true", that is what they now say,
But the seasons move on, it will not falter, will not sway.

Their special Autumn will always seem like one that was a little brighter,
A time where passions infused with hearts to make them lighter.
"The memories will stay true", they try to remember the commitment,
When Winter arrives and life responds, seeking new sentiments

Winter will surely pass and the seasons will forever go on,
"Memories" will linger but a new truth will take hold.
Life, if allowed to, will always take grip of a heart seeking,
The Autumn will be but a moment, beautiful and yet oh so fleeting.

They will walk separate paths through the forest of seasons that come,
Joy, sadness, and laughter, they will both surely meet some.
The goodness, the Truth that once each had discovered in the other and in themselves,
It can be glimpsed through the leaves; along with the longing, this desire needs to be withheld!

Apart in this journey their hearts will now forever make,
Both on a search, for a feeling, a something to build on, an honesty to take.
Like a need that is slowly forgotten through distraction, new loves and new strives,
They spend less time searching for each other beyond the boundary that separate their heart's lives

A pure white dove flies by both their paths, so enchanting, beautiful and bold,
It is but a moment, a gift of life and of the seasons, a gift both try to cherish and to hold.
They again remember "That Autumn... so long ago", what a gift, so real, yet distant and far,
No glances through leaves, just memories, to guide them through the many Autumns and Everything After.



Flora Razali


This morning I woke up at 3 am
Awake and fully aware
That my mind was playing games with me
With thoughts too painful to share

As I tried so hard to distract myself
Everything seemed futile
So I lay quietly in bed and wished that
Sunrise would soon come in less than a little while

It seems the sunrise did come eventually
But not with the brightness I seeked
For underneath my blanket
A heart of darkness lies so deep

Why this dark heart, I ask myself
Where have all the joy gone?
Not sure where to even start looking
So I soon began to mourn

It's now 1 pm
And the heart is still so blue
In sadness, pain and emptiness
Lost. Without you.