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Benjamin Raymond


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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I woke up too late


Benjamin Raymond

I woke up early this morning,
Saw that you were gone.
I always saw you smiling
never knew you were upset.
I never bothered to look at your eyes.
I can't remember what colour they were,
green, blue, or maybe brown.
you confused me with your contact lenses,
you were always changing them.

(chorus) I cried this morning,
Never should've been this way.
I cried this morning,
I woke up too late.

I found your note this morning,
you say you were sad,
I never saw you depressed,
Although I was never really home.
Work got the best of me,
and I left you all alone.
I should have seen it coming,
Should've known before you left.
Why didn't I pay attention?
I need you here with me.

(chorus) I cried this morning,
Never should've been this way.
I cried this morning,
I woke up too late.

The Forgotten Flowers


Benjamin Raymond

She never really appreciated the flowers,
the roses which would bloom every spring.

After the fire had wiped
her entire garden, house and her belongings,
She forgot about her beautiful flowers.

The fire was there for a reason,
A reason which she could not understand.

Sitting in her rocking chair late one night,
Many years later,
She remembered those flowers.
She sighed.
She never did appreciate the delicate roses.
She missed their calming scent.
The scent that would soothe
her soul, mind and body.

Why did she take them for granted?

Well, because they were always there.
She never thought they would be gone in a flash.
She always thought they’d be there,
Waiting for her to get home from work.

She rocked a little while longer.
Tears trickled down her wrinkled face.
What had she done in those ten years in that house?
She sighed again.
She never would see such beauty again.
Then again, she never would take things for granted a second time.

Love is like Gold


Benjamin Raymond

Love is like gold,
it gains value
as the years progress.

Love is like the pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.
Very few people find it
and truly know where it is.

Love is like gold
it brings happiness
to those who have it.

Love is like gold;
use it wisely,
don't waste it
And don't keep it to yourself.

Hunt and Kill


Benjamin Raymond

Hunt and Kill
by Benjamin Raymond

Let me first give you a bit of a background to this poem. A few days ago, here in Perth, two people were attacked by a shark/s. The city is shocked and its been on the news 24/7. The people are doing everything they can to track down the shark/s.

Part i
The sharks are loose,
but do not worry, my friends.
They will be hunted down and killed
for they have murdered our fellow human being.
We have closed the beaches
and sent down our helicopters
and all our equipment.
You are safe, my friends.
You need not worry.
part ii
My friend was killed two years ago.
Stabbed and murdered.
They never bothered to look for the murderers.
They never bothered to care.
Never bothered! Never bothered!
They never closed the streets.
Nor did they send down their helicopters
or their equipment.
They special equipment.
So, my friends,
think again.
You are not safe
and you need to worry.
Something must be done!