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David Rawlins


Perth, West Australia, Australia

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David Rawlins

In the morning I raise my head
And I'm thinking about days gone by
The memories of you fill my waking day
Passion, the flame, the eternal spark
Life's great mystery appears before my eyes
Could it be the heavenly glow that surrounds you
Captivates, mesmerizes, invades my every thought
The cloud above that carries me to you
Billowing white and wind blown free
Catches the suns rays and bathes you in its summer warmth
Like a mothers arms around her child secure and nourished
You lift my spirits and so playfully caress my mind
Angelic voice, the tones abound throughout my soul
The hearts golden gate awaits your call



David Rawlins

I never dreamed that I would love anyone
As much as I love you.
The sound of your voice, and the way you look
at me makes all my dreams come true.
You walk into a room, and I feel your presence
and know that you have arrived.
When you are near my side my heart skips a beat
and everything becomes possible.
I know this special kind of magic
will stay forever between us two.
We will grow old together and share our life
and look back with joyful memories; our life fulfilled.
The magic never dies it just gets stronger and all the world will know of our love and the feelings we have for each other are true.