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Nhan Rao


Minneapolis, MN, US

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The Sweetest Kill


Nhan Rao

My movements make no sound.
My footsteps quick and light...
I glide on down the darkened street
Accompanied by night.
Passing mortal strangers
Who look the other way,
I'm intoxicated by their scent.
These creatures are my prey.
I stop beneath a streetlamp
Where they can view my face.
Seeing my unnatural skin,
They soon quicken their pace.
Their cowardess amuses me.
Those eyes so full of fear.
I throw my head back, and I laugh
For all of them to hear.
Stepping from the light,
I'm hidden by the dark.
Continuing along my path,
I reach a lonely park.
Sitting on a wooden bench,
A girl cries silently.
Her face is streaked with salty tears.
She fails to notice me.
Her eyes are tightly shut.
Her body shakes with sobs,
Yet still I hear her beating heart.
Within her chest, it throbs.
Slowly, I approach her
Until I'm by her side.
Admiring her tender cheeks,
I see her tears have dried.
I move my face in towards her neck
And hover for awhile.
Much to my surprise, I see
Her frown turn to a smile.
She looks directly at me,
Her eyes of deepest blue...
With the softest lips I've ever seen
She mouths the words "Thank you."
I sink my teeth into her flesh.
On blood is what I thrive.
I drink till I can drink no more.
Again, I am alive.