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We Fell


Nathan Randall

We fell today.
Walking hand in hand
So close
In step almost
Our feet tangled.
We stumbled.
We blamed each other.
We tried to talk
We yelled.
You left.
I cried
You are gone now.

I could apologise.
It would be over.
We could walk again.
I don't want to admit
I might have caused it.
The blame truly is both of ours.
Stupid stupid pride.



Nathan Randall


Dark,horrid, angry, taunting blackness surrounds me.
I know not how I will see where I am going,
Or even where it is

Or if you will be there,


Haunting, tormenting, condemning, paralizing fear infects me.
Afraid that I will get hurt going where I am going,
Or that I won't find it.

Or that you won't be there,


Empty, dark, hollow, maddening sorrow engulfs me.
Sad for not knowing how to get where I'm going,
Or even where it is.

And for not having you with me there,


Vile, consuming, blind, passionate, worthless anger consumes me.
Angry in not finding the path to where I'm going,
And in not knowing where it is.

And that you might not be there,

to... love me too.

Sanctifying the Evil


Nathan Randall

When all I can understand
Is confusion,
Becomes the only reality.

Always wanted.

Strived Fruitlessly
For any form of love.

No one cares
For one who only wants
And never gives.
Unless the one
Has that something,
Looks, money, the right friends,
Anything worthless.
I didn t.
I wanted without having,
And thus could never gain.

In the days I changed,
Somehow gaining,
I ceased to want.
I wanted more.

Aren't always helpful.
As each new toy passed by,
It stole just a little
Of my moral fiber.
I sat and watched,
Laughing at the ones who took
Just a speck,
Hating the ones who left
With their backs breaking
From the weight of all they took.

Then came the one.

I told her no more than a speck was allowed.
She ran away with
All that I had.
As I cried on her pillow.
As she enveloped me.
Pinning me down,
Like a lifeless fly,
In her album of lovers.

Burning up the good in me.
Sanctifying the evil.

After something is done
It repeats very easily.
What I had never done before
Or had the desire to do,
Became my goal,
Became the rock,
And I Sisyphus.
When I achieved the peak
I would begin again and
Again and
The times I didn t want to go
The rock would drag me to the peak.

Then I changed.
Then I remained the same.

Physical love wasn t love anymore.
I needed real love.
I found real love.
I professed my real love.
It became physical love.
Blind to the truth
I believed it was real love.
The best lies are
Told with a grain of truth.

Burning up the good in me.
Sanctifying the evil.

But there had been a change.
No longer
Did I give myself
To everyone.
I remained
With one.
More completely than with any before.
I enjoyed it,
So I changed to flying solo.

If a change is made
For improper motives,
With no change of heart,
The change is
Not real.
It is imagination.
If a change is made
To end bad morals
Only for changing
To other bad morals,
It is an
Amoral change.

Now change is upon me again.
Now is the time to seek love again.
The choice is one of

With going back
To the one with whom
Bad morals,
Sanctified evil,
Was shared
Would probably be
Any attempt at
Be futile.

Going back
To even worse lifestyles
Would bring pleasure for
A season.
Keep pushing the rock
Until you spot a new rock

But the time has come for a true
No matter how amoral.
The time
To give and receive in unison
Has arisen.
The time has come.

Burning the evil.
Sanctifying the good.



Nathan Randall

The moon was beautiful
as the twolovers
laid beside one another
in a field
watching it dance
through the multitude of clouds
as they spoke
of clouds and colors
and sunsets and flowers
and life and love
and dreaming.

The moon eased silently
into a small opening in the sky
and suddenly the earth shone silver
and the two lovers looked at each other
and he realized
that before
he had never realized
the beauty in her face
and the fire in her eyes
as the moon bathed her
in silver and danced
upon her face.

The moon danced again
among the multitude of clouds
and the two lovers talked
of friends and classes
and how quickly time passes
and life and love
and dreaming.

Suddenly the moon leapt
into the opening in the sky made
to display all the stars
and became alone
as the lovers stood
and could think
of nothing
save one another
and he watched the moonlight
dancing upon her face
and kissed the beauty it revealed.