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Sai Rana


London, England, UK

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Sai Rana

We fight for freedom, we fight for speech.
It is good to take a stand they said
As all the world's purity bled
Onto the floor and luckily the mop was in reach.

How on earth did we get to this place?
A battleground where no side will win
Unless the are privilaged with no recollection of sin
And no recognition of their own murderous face.

The kids are to blame they convincedly say
Comfortably standing in their expensive shoes
Pain-stakingly peiced by an Ecuatorian child whose
Wages amount to under ten pence a day.

So renaissance lies in the palms of our children
To whom sweet dreams ar wished at night
But instead nightmares of abuse alight
And shattering betrayal by their brethren.