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Gundo Ramaphuma


Johanesburg, South Africa

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Earth has not anything to show fairer


Gundo Ramaphuma

Earth has not anything to show fairer
"For fair is foul and foul is fair"
Oh I have ventured the adventures that this lifeís got to offer
A hundred things Iíve done, but itís all futile
I have risked my life for many, sacrificed for many
Just to be a peace maker than a peace lover
But this is all vanity_Sense_less
I have encountered a lot of challenges, some as high as mount
Kilimanjaro, some I conquered but most I failed to, Oh Lord
All gain is pain from all the hard work and struggle
That I go through in this life, for every night though Iím sleeping
My mind is not at rest, but still got to stand the test of time

Sometimes I wish I could crossover to a place I know not,
But Lord, I know I live not by my own will but because of your love
And will and for this Iím thankful
One of these days Iím going to die and all my life will have been pain,
Sin, frustrations and hard work.
LORD, I know I am a sinner but with you I will be a winner
For life is in the living and living is in you LORD_



Gundo Ramaphuma

May I get to know you better
, know your thoughts and wishes?
May we continue to share the feeling we shared in MAY
Coz MAY was the May that I made my "may I be youíre_."
And MAY then began my WAY to cease each DAY



Gundo Ramaphuma

Oh, Blackrose
The thornless rose
You are the one
The only one
My number one
You smile nor glide through my mind
Taking me down the vista of months
Till my heart longs to belong to that day
I sat my eyes on mind on you and never looked the same way

Oh, thornless rose
Let our love blossom
And letís weather each and every storm
Let each mountain we encounter
Never hold us back from our peaceful fountain

Oh, Blackrose, .my darling girl
Take hold of my hand coz I give sight to the blind
My insight through the mind
Blackrose you were a friend indeed when I was in need_
Be my Juliet and I will be your Romeo.
Oh_Blackrose hold on to our love and never lose hope
Coz with God by our side we are sure to cope

When i come to die


Gundo Ramaphuma

When I come to die _
Be I dying a young manís death
Or an old manís death_
Let me die having given my life to the Lord.

When I come to die_
To take my last and final breadth
In this sweet but sorrowful earth
Let me die having given my life to the Lord.

When I come to die_
To leave this earthly tent,
And say goodbye to the life that I rent and many but few years I spent
Let me die having given my life to the Lord.

When I come to die_let me die will full confidence that
I stood the test of time and through each day
I had the better connection with my Lord
Let me die having known that I made a difference in peopleís lives
I helped many to wear a smile on their face, to see the light at the end of their tunnel
And to realize that there will always be sunshine after the rain.

When I come to die_
Let me die having fought the good fight for the Lord
Let me die having conquered this adventure that I have to venture
And to heaven above let me reach there to find the gates wide-open for my soulís rest.

When I come to die_let me die having given my life to the Lord.

Lord take my hand


Gundo Ramaphuma

Lord take my hand and let me stand
Through this beautiful yet dusty road I do not understand
For just like a shooting star, I came this far
And in you I placed my hope, knowing that with you I will cope.

Lord take my hand and let me stand
Even when the road seems hard and my life is like a scrapyard
Take my hand and let me stand through the storm
Let me stand firm and shine like a star that outshines the rest
Let me fly so high like the eagle in stormy seasons,
Let me stand my ground like Iím freshly ground and just like
The palm tree, let me sway with the tornadoes but remain situated where you
Planted me.

Lord take my hand and let me stand
Through the days of our lives, for young and restless we are
And with too many passions we seem to give in to temptations
.let me stand and let your words be my ISIDINGO and my Soul food.

Lord take my hand and let me stand.



Gundo Ramaphuma

Sunday morning rain is falling
Still you canít hear my heart calling
If only I knew what I can do to get back to you
Then 12:34 am I would come see you
Things get so crazy and life hard to live
Darkness is all I see because there ainít any sunshine without you
My heart is crying longing to belong to that day
I laid my eyes on you and never looked the same way.

Tears come flooding down my eyes; Iím drowning in this rain of pain
Please help me to cease this strain in my brain
I wish you could share this feeling with me
Because all in my mind is just you
12:34 am we could have been together in spirit
Remember when we first met we shared everything we had.

My personal resource bank is liquidated, my emotional deposits
And withdrawals are exhausted; Iím emotionally bankrupt; this pain
Iím feeling I have bottled up for too long and just like a black grenade Iím about to explode.
12:34 am my life is coming crashing down, but if only you were here, we could have been wearing that crown, coz all in my life is just you.
I miss how I used to make you blush and how you made my blood flow in a rush
12:34 am_I know I tripped off and my actions were uncalled for__.
But please open up your heart and let this feeling lead me back to you.
The thought of loosing you itís just killing me inside and this pain you know I cannot hide. I am a flower blossoming and you cannot let me die.

How do i make u realise?


Gundo Ramaphuma

How do i make you realise
that each day i make a sacrifice
and many times my happiness i compromise
no matter how much the price.

How do i make you realise
that i'm not killing time
but each day i hope for the best in you
and i will always do anything just for you

How do i make you realise
that if living without you was life for me
then i would prefer death
and i would regret the day i took my first breadth.

How do i make you realise
that i'm not lucky to have you
but i'm much more blessed to have you
coz each day you put a move on my heart

How do u make you realise
that this love is for real
how do i make you realise that
its a timeless love affair that we share

How do i make you realise
that i am so into you
make you realise that i'm never gonna let you go
coz,baby girl, you show me love
and each day make me believe in love all the more.

how do i make you realise...please tell me how...

You Are


Gundo Ramaphuma

You are bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh
You are the flesh that was set apart and fearfully made to be my flesh, for two fleshes become one in love,
You are light to my eyes, for just like the sun lights up the earth you light up my world,
You are that soothing drink I take to quench my intense thirst, you are the food that satisfies my hunger entirely,
You are that being that makes my heart to skip a bit, you are that special being I carry in my spirit, I think of every minute, I pray for everyday, you are that being that gives me a reason to go on when there seems to be none, you are the light at the end of my tunnel and when you are gone there ainít no sunshine
You are the "if you are not the one, then why does my heart feel sad today", coz I will be missing you
You are the one I love whole heartedly, the one I hold close and very dear to my heart
You are the peace like a river that attendeth my soul
You are the ROSE amongst roses
You are my love and know that you are loved