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M Raleigh


London, England, UK

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The Capitalist Marches to War


M Raleigh

Beauty is no longer a flower,
But a steel pillar, stoic and grand,
The virtuous now do but cower,
And money rules the land.

Values and virtues of a bygone age,
Are now but dismal dust and sand,
Lying in the capitalists way,
As he marches oer this pleasant land.

With every step natures concrete dress,
Doth cover more and more,
And the green guards do bleat its distress,
Futile against capitalist law.

Harnessed by friend and foe,
Shackled by steel bonds,
Into slavery it doth grow,
Serving to belong.

Yet bastions of trees stand alone and proud,
And barbed bushes line up to war,
All goes dark under mans cloud,
The capitalist marches to war.