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Anjana Rajukumar


Norwood Green, England, UK

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Lost Dreams


Anjana Rajukumar

A childhood dream undreamt but lived...
A cloud that sails away from sight...
I lock my winged memories bidding to be cherished;
to dream of in a silent misty night!

Countless sand grains have gone in vain..
Trying to fathom the speed of time
When it passed like a fleeting rain,
what I lost was my innocence's chime.

Crossing my mind is not a sorrow.
But a thought of lost happiness.
I write it off in letters of gold,
With a message for an unknown tomorrow!

When some time the sea is rough,
I will sing with the ocean winds against the fading light.
And if still the going gets tough-
I will dream that childhood dream silently in the mist filled night!



Anjana Rajukumar

Dedicated to my beloved dad

I see the dew drop
So beautiful and precious
Cradled gently by the tender blade of grass
That sways in glee in a passing wind
The angel in the dew drop smiles
Beckoning the sun to rise a bit more
Like in trance he obeys with joy
And night leaves with a heaving sigh
The light then pierces the dew drop
Making it weep with heaviness_
And finally like an unstuck note
It melts away into oblivion.

Like you left me that day_
Echoing into a past
I wept, I mourned, I kept to myself
The words, the songs that i treasure so much
I kept to myself the silence of our moments-
the days you taught me about the life in clouds;
about the grace of the stream and the song of my soul_
I kept to myself what little i understood of you
And When my words failed me i turned to my silence
and saw thyself mirrored in my conscience

And then I realised who I am
That I am a reflection of what you were