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Roopa Rajah


Philadelphia, PA, US

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The Lost Last Minute


Roopa Rajah

All sixty minutes as such
With all sixty seconds each
From the "time" of "birth"
Have placed their girth.

The minute that has passed
Thoughtless word when lashed
Like spilt milk on dry land
Can never be found.

Things that are lost and gone
Broken frienships and old songs
Have their chances to come back
When tried hard to track

A second when missed un-noticed
Becomes part of a minute unrecognized
That "last" "lost" minute by you
Becomes part of history without you.

It Doesn't Matter


Roopa Rajah

It doesn't matter...
whether it rains
or the sun shines
whether the sky is blue
or too dark to be true
whether you are poor
or are not sure
whether the songs sound sad
or makes you dance on the road
whether you are alone
or friends of same clone
whether you are deep asleep
or wide awake and weep
whether you know who you are
or simply afloat in the air
whether you realize all this
or in an ignorent bliss
It is all the same
when you play the "LOVE" game.

Life Is But a Dream


Roopa Rajah

Itís a long way to my home.
In my dream,
I feel the cool breeze
under the shadow of the big bannian tree
that stands tall beside my home.

I started walking toward my home
my home appeared as a setting sun in the horizon
and the heat from the scorching sun surrounded me.
I was tired and I was week;
I dragged my feet to the next dark shadow
to feel the cool breeze,
to rest my head on the bark,
and to open my eyes into the dark
where I once again started walking toward my home.

My home appeared as a setting sun in the horizon
and the heat from the scorching sun surrounded me.
It dawned on me that life is but a dream of a dreamer
who dreams a dream in a dream.

As the Wind Blows


Roopa Rajah

Footsteps of time
too heavy upon it.
Blowing wind of stress
the closeness of death.

This little flower
into the unawareness of sand
due to
the tragedy of wind.

the feel
of soft cool hands
the tired little flower
only to retire
in the blowing wind
that carried it
into the depths
of unknown

I Borrow You To Be Mine


Roopa Rajah

I donít try to call you
Yet you respond
I donít see you
Yet you are my sight
I donít hear you
Yet you are my song
I donít feel you
Yet you are my strength
I donít perceive you
Yet are with me
I donít try to own you
Yet you belong to me
You are me
and I am you
Yet I borrow you to be mine
For the best moments in my life.

Just Meeting You


Roopa Rajah

I had no care
Didnít know whatís hidden where
But then your eyes.
That charmed me through
and it all started
Just meeting you.

When I hear your voice
itís a musical thrill
all day long it rings in my year
for now I know
life is but a dream
and it all started
just meeting you.

When I see you smile
it brightens my day
especially during the rainy days
turning to you
was not in vain
and it all started
just meeting you.

I treasure those memories
filled with fun and joy
when parting came my dear
those pleasant memories said
that it will all start again
just meeting you.

United Independence


Roopa Rajah

You came to me as you are
I came to you as I am
We met in the garden of love
Where colors and fragrances
were essence of life.

Although time passed by
to offer wisdom a chance,
You remained as you were and
I remained as I were.
We struggle for existence
with the flowers around
and the fragrance forgotten.

You take me as I am and
Iíll take you as you are
Let the fragrance of happiness
emerge from the flower of satisfaction;
We still can hold hands
in our united independence.



Roopa Rajah

Those were such happy time
Not so long ago
when I knew I could overcome 'cause I'm young.

These are real times
right here with me
Sense of helplessness telling me I'm getting old.

Hidden behind the moving hands
of time that keeps ticking
is the mystery of graceful decline of independence.

Flower of Delight


Roopa Rajah

A pretty flower of delight
in the glow of golden light
is marvelous, glorious sight
and adds beauty that is right
to the world of beauty and might

The pretty flower of delight
never hurts with its might
only takes you on a flight
when sorrows and tears fight
to a place that is out of sight

That pretty flower of delight
with the smile that is bright
will enlighten the might
and enrich the mind in plight
to ease the pain and fright

So the :>)ing stars at night
share the :>) of flower in white
to charm the :>)ing knight
with the sword of silver bright
and the heart of winter white.

Too Soon


Roopa Rajah

It may rain now
the clouds are here
the cool breeze is standing still
petals of yesterday flowers
hanging by a thread of connection
hoping the wind wonít blow
knowing that rain may pour
too soon...

One more day
for the fragrance to last
few more hours
for the sun to shine
holding their breath on to the stem
hoping that the night wonít last
knowing that rain may pour
too soon...too soon...

Is it not time for full moon
hidden behind the gloom
of blankets of clouds
to shine through
holding the torch followed by the stars
leading the way toward the day
Is it too soon...too soon...too soon...?

Life's Lonely Cry


Roopa Rajah

A friend is one who comes in
when the whole wide world
has gone out to have fun
my friend in times of distress
you relieved me of all stress
my friend you performed well
now the story I'd like to tell

I take leave of you
my friend
since I do not belong in this world
my days are dark and
nights are wide awake
gentle breeze and pretty flowers
do not live deserted land

I take leave of you
my friend
since the out stretched arms of death
is calling me with loving words
my bones are filled with sorrow
my flesh is tired of pain
I need to rest my head

I take leave of you
my friend
since I love you more than myself
my shadow of sadness id too heavy
I'm afraid it may burden you
sweetness of love we may share
in the heaven above if it's fair.



Roopa Rajah

Is there a reason for falling in love
If so I donít know
why is it blind
Does it hurt-- falling out of love
If so I donít know
why is it so common

My search for love
I though would never end
in the world of lies
built in selfish ties
it is hard to find
love like this kind

Meeting of the mind and
wanting of the flesh
if called falling in love
touching with mind and
locking of souls is it
also called falling in love

The secret of being in love is...
being locked in mind
and mixed in soul
that tingle flesh without touch
with stretch of land and water and time
stretching their hands in between.

When You Touch My Anatomy!!!


Roopa Rajah

Your look
accelerates my heart
Your smile
paints me pink
Your foot steps
brightens my eyes
Your voice
gets me goose bumps
Your aroma
makes me drowsy
Your touch
excites my neurons
Why should I feel this way...
language of love
declares it to be sensual-but
Gray's Anatomy
Gyton's Physiology
Hawk's chemistry
define it as response to stimuli...

Spring Is In The Air


Roopa Rajah

Never felt this way before
my heart cries for more
for I have this desire
to be yours for ever.

Distance makes it hard
feel all empty inside
no rules I could abide
have no place to hide.

Heart is ruling my head
telling me to go ahead
know not whatís on hold
I may never be told.

Me in You


Roopa Rajah

The days are gone...
That kept me waiting...
And wondering...
About the mysteries...
of true love and happiness...

The nights are gone...
That kept me awake...
In deep thoughts...
With tears and anguish...
The company that lasted long...

The mystery unfolded...
with a delicate fragrance...
and beautiful colours...
Love walked in...
bringing tears of joy...


In your silence lies my sorrow...
In your smiles my day dawns...
In your absence my heart speaks the truth...
In your closeness lies my dream...

Tangled Perfection


Roopa Rajah

The enchanting tangled perfection
glittering in sun's reflection
swayed in the gentle breeze...
the unblinking yet shiny stare
for an enjoyable divine meal
was waiting to be served...
The gentlest move
on the filamentous sculpture
by the fearless flutter
turned the motionless stare
to all consuming speed of
weaving the captured
with silver silk finesse
garnishing the meal
wrapping with silk cocoon
until the breath is lost
to a feelingless pulp
religiously to be sucked into
the master mind
to feed the frenzy
of glittering-unblinking stare
the tangled web to be woven
yet another
divine meal to be prepared
with glittering yet unblinking stare...



Roopa Rajah

This feeling of loneliness
how ever may try hard
doesn't seem to change
with a word of consolation
that some one somewhere
loves me so much

My heart keeps telling me
that true love lives by trust
and will always
find its way home.
My love for you is not only true but
real and perfect-yes
I am really madly
deeply passionately in love with you.

Is it fare to expect
my heart to feel content
in imagination alone...
where there is a promise un-kept
there will always be doubt
my love for you
has the need to talk to you
see you, feel you
and do things for you
my love for
needs to hear you say
you care to let me know
your needs, your wishes
you care to let me know
how much you need me
how deeply you love me
how much you miss me
how very much it is necessary
to talk and to know
especially when
we can't see each other
we can't touch each other
all we have are words...only the air.

If you think that it is OK
not to communicate
because we know
we love each other
even though it knows how to live
like a plant that might die
without water
so will our love unattended
with trials and tribulations
that follow each day
will suffer and take us toward
death's door and we will perish
since the love of my life doesn't care.

Like water to plants
that's happy and healthy
love - although eternal it may be...
need to be attended by
caring words to let each other know
that we need each others loving words
even though a word or just a line
it must be told as often as our heart beats.

For peace of mind for a healthy heart
for solemn soul
we need our words, not only words
but words on time
to be heard, to be understood
and cherished
to enable us to feel, touch, and see
in our minds
that we are real, our love is real
and it is here
to live and not to die...

So let me say my prayers
repeatedly, constantly
to let you know my love is there
and let it not die in the air
without your loving care
from now on let's be fair.

The question is...


Roopa Rajah

In the noon day heat
tensions will only increase
feelings begin to waver
subject their love to endurance
no one has time for the otherÖ.

Strong hold of embracing sun relaxes
to welcome the gentle breeze of dusk
night flares up in its phosphoresce
good or bad "they" remain togetherÖ.

Loveís definition is different here
components of nature loving each other
paying their full prize of love in glory
and try to enjoy their victory
no one recalls nights sacrificing silent cryÖ.

Did love survive that night
the question is if "they" care
experienced their joy, sorrow, and endurance
peace shall be forever their property
if only "they" obey nature silently

The silent and sound changes of nature
may be sudden or gradual
when the road is open, follow it
when the cup is full, empty it
when there is sun, enjoy it
when there is pain, overcome it
when the end comes, endure it.



Roopa Rajah

since you are away from home...
since you liked to be "bugged"...
since you may not even check your mail...
since you may check and be surprised...
I spend my spare time in writing to you...

since life needs flavour...
since hearts need favour...
since it is not wanted if not needed...
since it is not missed until it is not there...
may be I should spare you the time...


since it is impulse that gets its best...
since wisdom comes after some rest...
since wise men care to listen...
since you are a great friend...
I take time to write to you...

Let me love!


Roopa Rajah

Yes! in that lasting moment
my love for him was born
like a violent tornado that
descends from the heaven
leaving lasting mark on earth.

Oh, I have sown my love so wide
that he will find it everywhere
whether I am there or not
It will awake him in the night
It will enfold him in the air.

I set my shadow in his sight
and I have winged it with desire
to fly the distance and travel time
that it may be a cloud by day
and in the night be a shaft of fire

Until my heart is quenched at length
and I have left the land of human
to join the lasting joyful devine
Oh, let me love with all my strength
careless of if I am loved again

Until my last breath fails to complete
and I have begun my last journey
to travel the distance that never end
Oh! let me love with unquestianoable faith
fearless of the fear of loss or end.

Love and Care!


Roopa Rajah

When thoughts were of loss and pain
there came a the shine of lightening streak
through the darkness of disappointment and strain
stirring not just mind but also heart!

Some times in life for some and
most of the life time for some
dreams and fantasies bear no line
merging with the reality to take home!

The sun does shine when it rains
even though happens not so often
the falling rain drops fail not to shine
giving the ecstatic image often forgotten!

Life in itself grows from security to scare
of loss, loneliness, lament, and despair
but only until it finds that soul to share
that everlasting need to love and care!

My heart is full of thoughts


Roopa Rajah

My heart is full of thoughts
My brain doesnít understand
Mind should have thoughts and not heart- it says
But my heart is full of thoughts!

Is it true that this world is divided?
Divided not only between the poor and the rich
Divided between the gender and the age
My heart is full of thoughts

Is it true that we have evolved?
Evolved not only to have convenience and comforts
Evolved to ignore the undermined and unprivileged
My heart is full of thoughts

Is it true that life is sacred?
Scared not only because it is innocent prisoner of the body
Sacred also because body without life is dust
My heart is full of thoughts

What makes one hate another?
Not only want, need, greed and jealousy
Lack of perspective, hope and peace
My heart is full of thoughts

My heart is full of thoughts
Thoughts to unite, appease, forgive and forget
Thoughts to give hope, peace and tranquillity
My brain - canít feel my heart - but knows!

It is time ti write


Roopa Rajah

It is time to write
As it is dark and the sun is set
The morning has doubts
To dawn or not to dawn
It is time to write

It is time to write
As fights against ignorance
May hope to win but
Fight against vengeance?
It is time to write

It is time to write
As life has no hope
Of winning the fight
While death has open arms
It is time to write

It is time to write
As fear takes over the strength
In a fight between peace and war
Where there is no chance
It is time to write

It is time to write
As writing alone can live
In a world of deaths
That dissolves lives
It is time to write.

Fragile Life


Roopa Rajah

My heart aches -

When the thought flashes -

From behind the curtain of my memory -

That Natasha Richardson is dead.

She was alive and well -

Happy with husband and two sons -

Creative, kind and loved -

By a mother, sister, husband and children.

Is there anything crueler than death -?

Doesnít seems to be -

As nothing can terminate life like death -

And take away the joy, pleasure, hope and the loved one.

Why do we die -?

Is it science or philosophy -?

That says give way to the new generation -?

By finding pleasure in reproducing the young ones in whom we could live.

If it is the philosophy -

To die to make way for the young ones -

Why do we die before our time -

To live, love and care for the young ones we produce -?

If it is the science -

That canít cope with the mishaps -

That happen to our earthly bodies that are so fragile -

What are our scientist doing spending their lives dying without finding a solution -?

Dedicated to: Natasha Richardson