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Melissa Rainey


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Melissa Rainey

Only now does the butterfly weep,
lamenting for the lost, the weak,
and the broken.
The salmon too, mourns in despair
from the desolation of life.

For the ocean and the sea join
in ululation for the death
of their children and those they loved.

Another serpent sings a hymn of sorrow
An elegy - dedicated to the
ephemeral life of the plains.

Now - even the tornadoes whimper
and earthquakes deplore . . .
The destiny of the crow never
was certain.

The rock dances and the trees
dress their wounds.
Winds ever keening,
Past, present and future.

Fire gathers to erect a monument.
The shark ceases to swim.
Insects hold a minute silence.
A lamb sacrifices itself for the greater good.

. . .not all were present for the earths requium.